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  1. MikeGeorge

    Fantasy 2018

    No problem, and you too. Took me a while to find the new forum location - does anyone else know it exists ? Is Gameplan still alive ? Danny ? Pete ?
  2. MikeGeorge

    Fantasy 2018

    Who's in/back this year ?
  3. MikeGeorge

    Fantasy 2017

    Did I miss a previous email about the league coming back ? Got one today saying the auction time has changed. Anyway, thanks Alan, for doing so again. J just about got my auction info done in time, not around for the live action.
  4. MikeGeorge

    NFLAR and NFLC

    Tumbleweeds round here. I'm not sure everyone from the old forum knows this exists. I found it by mooching round the url when the last one turned unto "page not found".
  5. MikeGeorge

    NFLCA 2016 week 1

    Must be ill ...
  6. MikeGeorge

    Migration to new system

    New forum ... took me a while to work out why the old bookmark didn't work, now I know.
  7. MikeGeorge

    A couple more "bonehead" questions!

    ... with the same old GM.
  8. MikeGeorge

    New Raiders coach checking in!

    But its Basic, there's nothing there, no strategy, nothing to hold the interest, Advanced is the proper game. In hindsight, Pete and the GMs over the years should have used Basic as the stepping stone into the Advanced - new players learn the game in one season (only) of Basic, before moving...
  9. MikeGeorge

    New Raiders coach checking in!

    Marcus Why step down to Basic ?
  10. MikeGeorge

    Superbowl Preview

    Eagles in the Superbowl again ? Isn't that every season since 1986 ?
  11. MikeGeorge

    Week 18

    Just noticed the message file on page 11, hence no blog post. Despite everything I've said over the years, glad he's OK. There are ways for the business to make money, at least as a part time job, but it needs to update to 2017, the presentation looks more like 1997. Gameplan in particular can...
  12. MikeGeorge

    Week 18

    Pete or the game ? No new post on the blog page.
  13. MikeGeorge

    Week 18

    How do you play this game again, I think I've forgotten.
  14. MikeGeorge

    Fantasy Football 2016

    Its been good fun this year, much more entertaining than playing Gameplan. Thanks as always to Alan for the annual organising.
  15. MikeGeorge

    John Glenn

    Last of the original seven astronauts passes away, sad day for space anoraks ...
  16. MikeGeorge

    Fantasy Football 2016

    Auto picking or live on the night, Dan ? I'll PM you.
  17. MikeGeorge

    Gameplan baseball

    Think Baseball needs its own section of the forum.
  18. MikeGeorge

    Week 17 turn hasn't happened (has it?)

    Same question, its a month since Pete's illness blog. Have I missed it ?
  19. MikeGeorge

    Gameplan baseball

    Wish United had gone for Klopp when he was free, he's a breath of fresh air.