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2023 Week Four

Discussion in 'NFLAR' started by DGW Halford, May 20, 2017.

  1. DGW Halford

    DGW Halford Starter

    AFC East
    Bills 3-1
    Dolphins 2-2
    Jets 2-2
    Patriots 1-3

    AFC Central
    Titans 3-1
    Jaguars 3-1
    Bengals 2-2
    Browns 2-2

    AFC West
    Raiders 2-2
    Chargers 2-2
    Chiefs 1-3
    Seahawks 1-3

    NFC East
    Eagles 4-0
    Cardinals 1-3
    Cowboys 0-4
    Giants 0-4

    NFC Central
    Vikings 3-1
    Packers 3-1
    Bears 1-3
    Buccaneers 1-3

    NFC West
    Saints 4-0
    Falcons 3-1
    Rams 3-1
    49ers 1-3

    Just two,teams remained unbeaten after week four,the defending champion Eagles and the New Orleans Saints.
    The Eagles also own the number offence,with the 2-2 Cleveland Browns having the highest rated defence.
    In San Francisco,the 49ers opened the season at home to the Packers who edged a close one 28-25.
    Three road games followed,and after another close loss in Atlanta,31-35,the 49ers finally recorded their first win of the season in New York against the Giants 31-7.
    A trip to the Philadelphia Eagles is never easy, and so it proved again with the Eagles winning 37-17,so a 1-3 start in San Francisco after three defeats to NFC contenders.

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