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Discussion in 'Gameplan Tools' started by Alan Milnes, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Alan Milnes

    Alan Milnes Commisioner Staff Member

    I am pleased to announce that an Alpha Version of the new Gameplan Reader is now available for testing on Windows (with Mac and Linux versions expected in the next few days). :gift:

    This can be downloaded from http://viewer.gameplan.org.uk/gp_viewer_new.zip. If you don't have a program that extract this zip try the free download at http://www.7-zip.org/download.html).

    An Alpha version is an early release designed to garner user feedback and has limited functionality.

    This version has the following capabilities:-

    * Load any Sidetracks or Software Simulations turn (Gameplan, NuGameplan, Gameplan Baseball, Star Chase etc.)
    * Read the turn line by line
    * Ability to skip forwards or backwards in blocks

    Future plans include
    + Ability to jump to specific parts of the turn (e.g. play by play section)
    + Export stats in various formats for analysis or upload to Web Sites
    + Save as PDF (a seperate PDF Reader is available at the moment - see http://brucey.net/nflab/pdfer/)
    + Local Database to keep track of your own team, stats etc.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) How do I use it?

    The Viewer does not need installation just download the executable click the load button and point to your text file, then use the navigation buttons to go through the report.

    2) I get PDF reports not text, can I use the Viewer?

    There are a number of options here:-

    a) Change to text reports and use the separate PDF Converter mentioned above. (Note in NuGameplan with the text option you are sent both text and PDF versions). * THIS THE BEST OPTION AS FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS (EXPORTS, LOCAL DBs etc) WILL LIKELY ONLY WORK WITH THIS OPTION *

    b) Some PDF Viewers will let you save a PDF as text or convert it. A free option is Foxit http://www.foxitsoftware.com/Secure_PDF_Reader/, alternatively Adobe Professional or Word 2013 can do this.

    c) Modern versions of Adobe Reader will let you you copy the text and paste it into a text document (Open the report, Ctl-A then Ctl-C then in your Text Editor Ctl-V). Note it is recommended that a good Text Editor (e.g. http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ which is a free download) is used for this.

    3) Aren't there other tools out there, e.g. the ones Jacko has developed for NuGameplan, why duplicate the effort?

    There are various tools but although they are all excellent in their own right some are no longer maintained and some are Windows only. The vision is to have one Viewer that works on all platforms (including SmartPhones) for all the games run by Pete or Danny!

    4) I don't want to (or can't e.g. due to firewall restrictions) download an executable file even when zipped up?

    a) You could try downloading this file then changing .txt to .exe - http://viewer.gameplan.org.uk/gp_viewer_new.txt, this may or may not work depending on your configuration.

    b) You could download the source, inspect it and even compile it yourself, see section 7.

    c) In future we expect to offer an online version of the Viewer.

    5) The font is too big / small etc.

    Adjusting the size of the fonts etc. is a definite requirement for future versions, stay tuned!

    6) What are the technical details of the Viewer?

    The GP Viewer was developed in Free Pascal using the Lazarus IDE, Free Pascal is a cross platform language and enables us to support a range of Operating Systems and, in future, Smartphone Apps.

    7) What licence is this Viewer released under?

    The Viewer is released under the GPL2 and a copy of this licence is included in the zip file. The source code can be downloaded from GitHub, contact dev@gameplan.org.uk for access.
  2. Dan Slavin

    Dan Slavin Franchise Player


    I am looking forward to giving this a go!

    Great work, Alan!

  3. Jacko1971

    Jacko1971 Administrator

    Good stuff!

    But... Vista 32-bit gives the attached error.

    Attached Files:

  4. Alan Milnes

    Alan Milnes Commisioner Staff Member

    Thanks for the feedback, will have a look.
  5. Norman Goetz

    Norman Goetz Administrator

    I didn't know that, because l like the small colour code on Pistol PDF, but if l can keep that and get the text as well I will convert to text, when you release the MAC version.

    OUTSTANDING sir :clap:
  6. Alan Milnes

    Alan Milnes Commisioner Staff Member

    Thanks Norm.

    To be clear in NuGameplan if you select the TEXT option you automatically receive two emails each turn, one with Pete's PDF format with colours etc and a separate email in text format that you can use with tools such as this :)

    (This was something I asked for and Pete said no, then Jacko asked and he said yes!)
  7. Nclcc66

    Nclcc66 Special Teamer

    Hi Alan

    I have Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 and get the same message as Jacko.


  8. Alan Milnes

    Alan Milnes Commisioner Staff Member

    OK I have investigated and had a bit of a rethink, the promised cross-platform nature of the tools I was using have not delivered so I am going to change to a web based platform.

    Probably take me a couple of weeks to get the initial viewer up and running, thanks for your patience.
  9. Dan Slavin

    Dan Slavin Franchise Player

    Thank you for your hard work!

  10. Nclcc66

    Nclcc66 Special Teamer

    Thanks Alan
  11. MikeGeorge

    MikeGeorge Star Player

    Alan - might make your life easier if you can persuade Pete to produce the game reports in XML format, if you are trying to do something browser-based. I'll let you suggest that, I have no desire to email him again this decade.
  12. Norman Goetz

    Norman Goetz Administrator

    Thanks Alan :thanks:

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