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Bears Beware !

Discussion in 'NFLBN' started by Jason O Mahony, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Jason O Mahony

    Jason O Mahony All-Pro

    Me ole mucka Robert O'Brien has raised my interest in returning to BN.

    I think I had a stint or two here with the GB Packers.

    Well, Rob...I'm here to make your GP life....erm.....exciting :)

    ~ Jay
  2. Barry Powell

    Barry Powell Rookie

    Hello Jay, it can get pretty quiet on theses forums. I have been posting here for a week and the place is like a ghost town though I usually pop onto BQ two or three times per week.

    Best of luck with your latest game.

    Barry Powell NFLBQ Miami Dolphins.
  3. Dave Flesfader

    Dave Flesfader Pro Bowler

    How is the league going Jay?

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