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BP Superbowl

Discussion in 'NFLBP' started by Peter Kneil, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Peter Kneil

    Peter Kneil Starter

    At last! After approximately 10 years (possibly even longer) of playing Gameplan, I've finally got the monkey off my back with my first SB win. Got a bit worried after going 14-0 up, then getting pegged back to 14 all in a freescoring first half. Second half was relatively stress free with just 3 points apiece before I read the line I'd so longed for "QB flop, downs the ball to run out the clock" and we were there.

    I've been struggling to find the time to run two teams lately so have decided to leave BP on a high and concentrate on trying to win my first Advanced SB with my AR Buccs.

    Good luck to everyone for next season, especially my long term AFC rivals, Ben & Rob. I'm leaving the Ravens in pretty good shape so hopefully they'll still be competitive for long after I'm gone.


    BP Superbowl Champion :thanks:
  2. Paul Gorner

    Paul Gorner Star Player

    Congrats again Peter. It's a great achievement to win a superbowl never mind a first one. It's a great feat :) :clap:
  3. Peter Kneil

    Peter Kneil Starter

    Cheers Paul,

    Looks like I've got a long way to go before I catch you!

  4. Ben Cox

    Ben Cox Starter

    Congrat's on y4 SB win :clap: sorry 2 cu go, :( good luck with the Buccs in AR :hello: :thanks:
  5. Peter Kneil

    Peter Kneil Starter

    Thanks Ben. You gave us a real fright in our Divisional game so it could easily have been you, not us, in the AFC Championship. Rob's a tough obstacle and "my" Ravens will still be very tough to beat but you must have a great chance next year.

    Good luck and keep me updated on here with scores please.



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