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Regarding DD, does anyone use it? How successful is it? My fear is that it gets beaten underneath and by draws.

I've used DD and have found it to be mostly.....SHITE! I don't use it anymore...

I like DD. It seems to me to get at least as many picks as zone coverage, without giving up the same number of DPs. It's a bit risky in that it will still give up big completions, but sooner rather than later it will get an interception. Not sure why but it also seems to get a decent number of sacks (not just "no open receiver" coverage sacks either) Seems to need a lot of training before it comes into its own, but once you've got 4 or 5 points it can be a really good big-play call for a risk-taking defense. And in answer to Andrew's specific worries, it is, in my experience, possibly less vulnerable to draws and running plays generally than zone defenses, and is as likely to pick off a LI or a SI as a DL.

I use DD in B (the team had training in it when I took them over) and whilst the Pack don't have a secondary at all DD does manage to perform worse than all my other pass defenses (put together). So I have to agree with Martyn. It's SHITE!