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Discussion in 'Global Introductions and Departures' started by Mike Parr, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Mike Parr

    Mike Parr Star Player

    Hello all,

    I will be taking a break from Gameplan due to family reasons. My credits run until week 19 I think and I will probably put in one more turn before then. If anybody wants to keep me up to date on the league I will probably get round to keeping the league history up to date sometime, my email address is mike.parr@gmail.com Best of luck to you all, it has been fun!

  2. Dan Slavin

    Dan Slavin Franchise Player

    I am sad to see you go, and I hope that you return swiftly. It won't be the same around here, or in NFLC, without you. Make sure you pop in from time to time anyway.
  3. DGW Halford

    DGW Halford Starter

    All the best Mike,will try and make sure all results and standings are updated on NFLC forum page .
  4. MikeGeorge

    MikeGeorge Star Player

    Heres someone who has more than done his bit for the cause - all the best Mike.
  5. Mike Parr

    Mike Parr Star Player

    After a bit of a break, since my 2 ancient players managed to get through the cull somehow (even though I lost some equally or more valuable younger players) I thought I might as well sign up for one more season and give my old timers one last hurrah

  6. Dan Slavin

    Dan Slavin Franchise Player

    Excellent news! This man knows how to work an encore!

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