Just coached my last game in NFLAR with the 49ers,will be continuing in NFLC with the Vikings though .
I think the forum is a bit of a dead duck now,nobody has posted since May, I stopped my weekly round ups as there didn't seem to be much response most weeks,usually none as it happens.
Maybe this form of communication has run its course.

Dan Slavin

Franchise Player
It has been a bit quiet, but I hadn't realised how quiet until you mentioned it. The issues with NuGP probably haven't helped.

I used to enjoy your roundups, Darren, and I'm sure other will have as well.

I have less than a credit left in C, but I think I will probably be staying. Really enjoying the baseball, ATM, though, so no plans to have more teams than that.
Tumbleweeds round here.

I'm not sure everyone from the old forum knows this exists. I found it by mooching round the url when the last one turned unto "page not found".

Alan Milnes

Staff member
Yeah it has gone really quiet, will try an email to all registered users. I agree re NuGameplan - that brought a lot of enthusiasm which has now died out :-(
Hi all, just thought I'd pop by to say I still come here occasionally to see what is going on in NFLC and AR. Have been thinking about rejoining one of those leagues as the LA Rams but the lack of activity on the forum led me to believe virtually no one was playing anymore! Didn't want to get beat by the ghost of Slavin lol! Give it 12 months and I'll post again...