NFLBA coaching call

Anybody willing to check in to the forum from the BA ?

This league has a good history, can we drum up some interest by coaches past or present ?

If so I am happy to post the history items I`ve got from years past. Would love to hear from anybody who has access to old newsletters or in touch with some of the previous coaches.

Anybody in contact with Paul & Tim Stitt, Niclas Jackson, Roger Lindberg, David Owen, Greg Coyle or others ?

Im at ST Louis now, so would be up for some friendly banter. Hello all BA,ers. Looking forward to renewing a great rivalry and making some new 1s. Should be a good draft for the Rams ( havent had a a top 5 pick since i cant remember )

All the best Paul J :hello:
Good stuff Paul, welcome aboard...............

That early draft should give you a nice springboard. Save me a couple of 3 * players would you please........

Hi fellas! Yeah will post on the forum, after all its there to be used and i like talking to my fellow gpers. As for 3* players, what are they? Dont worry steve, i may get confused and draft in some low value players for extra lps lol :lol:

Nice to hear from you guys any other active Ba coachs around ?

All the best paul J
Still no action on the forum here, is it really just Darren, Paul and me in the BA !!!

If it really is this coachless I might install a run-and-shoot after all !!
Ther must be life out there. Maybe some postal players who cant reply online.

AM working on getting my mate chris brown to chuck 1 of his teams, and join us in BA as he could bring a potential 2 completley new players with him too. BA if it is as lifeless as it seems would be a great league for them to join and learn the game.

Cheers guys see you on thurs for first round of draft

Hope its not too damaging for ya :hello: