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NFLBA coaching call

Discussion in 'NFLBA' started by Steve Allan, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Steve Allan

    Steve Allan Starter

    Anybody willing to check in to the forum from the BA ?

    This league has a good history, can we drum up some interest by coaches past or present ?

    If so I am happy to post the history items I`ve got from years past. Would love to hear from anybody who has access to old newsletters or in touch with some of the previous coaches.

    Anybody in contact with Paul & Tim Stitt, Niclas Jackson, Roger Lindberg, David Owen, Greg Coyle or others ?

  2. Darren Drew

    Darren Drew Rookie

    I would be interested to be in touch with any other coaches from NFLBA via this forum if anyone else is interested

  3. paul james

    paul james Starter

    Im at ST Louis now, so would be up for some friendly banter. Hello all BA,ers. Looking forward to renewing a great rivalry and making some new 1s. Should be a good draft for the Rams ( havent had a a top 5 pick since i cant remember )

    All the best Paul J :hello:
  4. Steve Allan

    Steve Allan Starter

    Good stuff Paul, welcome aboard...............

    That early draft should give you a nice springboard. Save me a couple of 3 * players would you please........

  5. Darren Drew

    Darren Drew Rookie

    Hi Paul, glad to see someone joining BA that might actually post on this forum :)
  6. paul james

    paul james Starter

    Hi fellas! Yeah will post on the forum, after all its there to be used and i like talking to my fellow gpers. As for 3* players, what are they? Dont worry steve, i may get confused and draft in some low value players for extra lps lol :lol:

    Nice to hear from you guys any other active Ba coachs around ?

    All the best paul J
  7. Steve Allan

    Steve Allan Starter

    Still no action on the forum here, is it really just Darren, Paul and me in the BA !!!

    If it really is this coachless I might install a run-and-shoot after all !!
  8. Darren Drew

    Darren Drew Rookie

    Surely there are some active coaches in our league :rolleyes:

    No wonder i've had more success passing this season :lol:
  9. paul james

    paul james Starter

    Ther must be life out there. Maybe some postal players who cant reply online.

    AM working on getting my mate chris brown to chuck 1 of his teams, and join us in BA as he could bring a potential 2 completley new players with him too. BA if it is as lifeless as it seems would be a great league for them to join and learn the game.

    Cheers guys see you on thurs for first round of draft

    Hope its not too damaging for ya :hello:
  10. Steve Allan

    Steve Allan Starter

    Oh jees, this league is dead.....Paul, Drew,tell me you are still around ???

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