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Redskins Hire Coach Gamble

Discussion in 'NFLI' started by Norsemaniac, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Norsemaniac

    Norsemaniac Rookie

    Just been informed by the Redskins GM that I have been succesfull in my appication as head coach. I take over the reigns a week on thursday. Looking foward to pitting to game planning against 23 computer teams :lol:
  2. Jacko1971

    Jacko1971 Administrator

    A good way of padding your win/loss stats! And a good league to use for trial play for other more populated leagues. Is NFLI advanced or basic???
  3. Alan Milnes

    Alan Milnes Commisioner Staff Member

    It's Advanced *

    * That's why it's in the "Advanced Leagues" section on here :)
  4. Alan Milnes

    Alan Milnes Commisioner Staff Member

    When you get your turn interested to see if I'm still down as the Chargers HC.
  5. Jacko1971

    Jacko1971 Administrator

    D'oh! Point taken!!! :DOH:
  6. Mike Thorp-Potter

    Mike Thorp-Potter All-Decade Team

    Why would you ?? :eek:

    Mark, have you considered NFLA - Not that full but still some very handy active coaches to play against!

    I am sure Danny wouldn't mind if you swopped over?


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