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The cull

Discussion in 'NFLA' started by MikeGeorge, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. MikeGeorge

    MikeGeorge Star Player

    In Miami ...

    Retired 6
    Reduced 18
    Step Loss 6
    CFA 11
    Safe 26
    LPs 117 (seems like a lot)
  2. Dan Slavin

    Dan Slavin Franchise Player

    Looks like you've done alright out of that!

    Can I enquire what your record was from week 10 onwards?
  3. MikeGeorge

    MikeGeorge Star Player

    Dan - the last six games were WLTWWW. You have a theory ?
  4. Dan Slavin

    Dan Slavin Franchise Player

    I think those last 6 games are very important to LP compensation on the off season. I have never thought of it before this off season in NuGP, or maybe that should be that I have never given it enough weight, but I think that if you can put together 6 straight wins to round out the regular season you will get a decent extra allowance of LPs by virtue of it. Probably more LPs than it would be worth trying to gain by virtue of an earlier draft pick.
  5. Chris Stones

    Chris Stones Starter

    Hmm I won the last 6 games in NFLBS and was distinctly unimpressed with my compensation:

    Retired: 9
    Reduced: 13
    Step Losses: 4
    CFAs: 12
    Safe: 35
    LPs: 66

    (but safe is higher and I'm pretty certain that also plays into it)
  6. MikeGeorge

    MikeGeorge Star Player

    Interesting, might be worth investigation. I would guess/hope strength of opponent comes into it too, if it does exist.

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