Week 19 Championship Games


Championship games

San Diego Chargers (Mark Dawson) UP 7 0 0 7 (14) Houston Texans (Martyn Williams) UP 0 17 10 0 (27)
FG 0/0, EP 2/2, CP 0/0, Punt 6, 3rd 0/11, 4th 2/2, 1st 17 FG 2/2, EP 3/3, CP 0/0, Punt 5, 3rd 6/13, 4th 0/0, 1st 24
Pass 21 for 32, 219 yds, Lg 33, 1 TD, 66%, In 1, Hrd 7, Skd 1 Pass 17 for 25, 252 yds, Lg 32, 2 TD, 68%, In 0, Hrd 6, Skd 4
Rush 23 for 70 yds, Lg 8, 1 TD, avg 3.0, Fm 2, QB 2 for 3 yds Rush 39 for 216 yds, Lg 29, 1 TD, avg 5.5, Fm 1, QB 9 for 39 yds
KR 0 for 0 yds, PR 1 for 4 yds, FumR 0 for 0 yds KR 2 for 32 yds, PR 1 for 7 yds, FumR 0 for 0 yds
Calls Fm D S, Run DR RV, Pass SL SO, Def BZ RD Calls Fm S I, Run RN CW, Pass DP OP, Def SB LD

St Louis Rams (Craig Jackson) UP 0 11 10 9 (30) New York Giants (Chris Stones) UP S 14 0 0 8 (22)
FG 2/2, EP 2/2, CP 1/1, Punt 5, 3rd 9/17, 4th 0/0, 1st 17 FG 0/0, EP 2/2, CP 1/1, Punt 4, 3rd 4/9, 4th 1/1, 1st 18
Pass 16 for 24, 216 yds, Lg t43, 3 TD, 67%, In 1, Hrd 2, Skd 1 Pass 19 for 27, 248 yds, Lg 59, 1 TD, 70%, In 3, Hrd 3, Skd 3
Rush 38 for 148 yds, Lg 15, avg 3.9, Fm 0, QB 9 for 32 yds Rush 26 for 138 yds, Lg t34, 2 TD, avg 5.3, Fm 0, QB 0 for 0 yds
KR 2 for 40 yds, PR 0 for 0 yds, IntR 3 for 46 yds KR 3 for 46 yds, PR 0 for 0 yds, IntR 1 for 4 yds
Calls Fm S G, Run RV RC, Pass LL DS, Def BZ GL Calls Fm J H, Run RW LT, Pass LL SC, Def RD ZD

Really really disappointed here after a fantastic season to go out at this stage, same stage as last year as well. :(

Kudos to Jacko for leaving a solid GP in there, it's disappointing though having won against the Rams on the last 3 occasions to come unstuck in the Championship game with a solid GP in. My Giants played a decent game, were well poised at the end of the first quarter at 14-0 and were generating good offense, but the 3 interceptions were absolute killers, all of them led to points for the Rams.

Well played Martyn for getting to another bowl game, was looking forward to a rematch from NFLC, as my Giants are quite a different entity to my Fins would have been nice to see a different matchup, but alas not to be.

Good luck to both teams in the bowl game.

Bit unsure what to do in this league, have a handful of turns left, but it seems woefully underpopulated now. I kinda don't mind losing in the playoffs when I know it's competitive, but here, it's a long slog to get there for not much at the end of it. Maybe I'm just smarting from the loss and will be ok when the new season starts!


OMG, my old AY Rams make it to the bowl game. I can't believe it! I feel for you though Chris, especially as - like you say - you've beaten my old team soundly multiple times during the regular season. Looking at the 3rd down stats I wonder if the Rams had some lucky conversions to keep drives alive?

Maybe it's simply the fact that the team is the St Louis Rams and therefore the GP software assumes the coach to be a certain Mr Martyn Williams!
Maybe it's simply the fact that the team is the St Louis Rams and therefore the GP software assumes the coach to be a certain Mr Martyn Williams!
LOL! :lol:

Very happy to get to my third AY Super Bowl, didn't think I would as it hasn't been the greatest season for my Texans and the Chargers beat me good and proper in the regular season. Shame you didn't make it to the SB Chris for an NFLC rematch - now I have to contend with the fear of losing to an uncoached team!!! :eek: :football: