Week 20 Spoilers


Tampa Bay Buccs (David Houghton) UP 0 10 7 2 (19) Miami Dolphins (Dave Harris) UP S 7 0 14 0 (21)

In what was a very close game, and never more than 1 score in it, I am extremely pleased to come away with the win. After the Buccs forced the safety early in the 4th both defences stayed strong and neither offence managed to get into the opponents half.

Anyway enough of the past and here's looking forward to a new season; the sad thing is we seem to have more and more coaches leaving! especially when they are the calibre of Alasdair.
Here are my predictions for the new season! Sorry if i put the kiss of death on anyone.

AFC East I think looking at the rosters, the Jets are going to struggle offensively. So hopefully I can claim the division title this year and I think the Patriots could have a say in the outcome!

AFC Central the Titans to keep hold of their divisional crown here, with maybe the Bengals to clinch a wildcard

AFC West the Chargers won the division last year coachless can they do it again, I think this could be a close call with the Seahawks pushing them all the way. I will go for the Seahawks to claim the divisional crown.

NFC East Redskins to keep hold of the divisional title.

NFC Central The big one by far the two heavy weights of the NFC, I tip the Packers to keep the divisional crown, both to get to the championship game again!

NFC West Not sure if any of these teams have coaches? May be the 49ers to claim the title.

Just my humble opinion, good luck to all for the new season!

Regards Dave
Dave,many congrats mate,thought it might have been my chance this yr after beeten the jet's :clap: Dave houghton is a very good coach so its a great achievement.Sorry 2 hear thar Big Al has more than likely gone but that's no surprise looking at his squad roster,but saying that there's qiute a few poor sqauds out there.Best of luck 4 nxt season Buddy!! :hello: