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WTF is going on with GP ?

Discussion in 'Commissioner's Office' started by Jason O Mahony, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Jason O Mahony

    Jason O Mahony All-Pro

    Happy New year to you All chaps !

    Whats going on with GP ? Shite has become way too quite on here and in-game. Is me ole mucka Salmon still kicking about ? What about Fles, MTP, Gorner et al ?

    Is there anyone left in the Basic league NFLBN ? I have an ole friend in there who found his way back after a 20 year "break".....might join him in there if it is anyway active.

    Anyhoooo....hope someone replies....bit of a shame the game seems to have gone a bit south.

    ~ Jay

    2 time advanced SB winner.
    10+ Basic SB winner.
  2. MikeGeorge

    MikeGeorge Star Player

    Jason - I thought you might be writing something else here.

    oldGP is kind of played out and stuck in a time warp, nuGP is moving along, but painfully slowly, and still within the old constraints.
  3. Dan Slavin

    Dan Slavin Franchise Player

    I'm still here!

    Relatively recently returned to NFLC, and still in NFLCA.
  4. DGW Halford

    DGW Halford Starter

    Fles,MTP and Gorner are active coaches in NFLC,but Greg has just left the Buccaneers.
    Probably the most active league in advanced gameplan if you are thinking of returning.
  5. Alan Milnes

    Alan Milnes Commisioner Staff Member

    NFLAR is still pretty active with two new Coaches joining lately, not sure where these guys came from but nice to see new blood!
  6. Neil Arthurton

    Neil Arthurton Starter

    Hey Jay, I'm still active in the BN as is Fles, and about half a dozen others, mostly in the NFC me thinks, would be good to have you back.


  7. Dave Flesfader

    Dave Flesfader Pro Bowler

    Stll here Jay, I am enjoying GP as much as I ever have. Just time has been a little short for posting unfortunately, probably not helped by the fact I have a few too many teams. lol

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