Championship games

Dan Slavin

Franchise Player
Cam Newton has been amazing this season. I have felt for weeks that there is a bit of destiny in play.

(Cue disastrous week for Cam, and shut out by the Cards)



Pats in the AFC. Would love to see a Belichik vs "No risk it, no biscuit" Arians in the Superbowl, but Newton and Kuechly deserve to get to the big game too, and I think the Panther D will make some plays against Palmer. NFC championship should be a terrific game - I reckon it completely overshadows Brady vs Manning, who'd have thunk it!
It's the Patriots for me in the AFC.

Obviously I am picking the Cardinals for the NFC game!

This is a game I had hoped would happen. I think the defences are pretty even and I think that, overall, the Cardinals have a better offence.

However, I think Newton poses a bigger threat than Palmer and the game will be decided on who performs better out of these two.

If Palmer avoids any interceptions or fumbles I think the Cardinals will win!