Divisional predictions

After four road wins in the wild card round I think three home teams will win this week.
Going for the Chiefs to surprise the Patriots,otherwise home teams,Broncos,Panthers and Cardinals.


Mr Metrics says...

Seahawks over Panthers
Cardinals over Packers
Chiefs over Pats
Broncos over Steelers

Mr Gutfeeling agrees with the first two, but thinks the Pats will do the Chiefs, and can't decide on DEN/PIT... if Roethlisberger plays (and is near 100%) then the Steelers will get the W, otherwise Broncos.
Gutted,felt the Packers were handling the Cardinals pretty well,even at 13-10 felt confident of victory.
Like i read on Packers,one of the most uplifting plays in Packer history followed by one of the most deflating :eek: