Free Agents??

Alan Milnes

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Noticed this last turn and have queried it with Pete:-

Notre Dame sign FA 142 as 12, A.N.Other at LT from AS
Oklahoma State sign FA 114 as 5, A.N.Other at C
but there was no FA list the previous week so where are these coming from?? My guess is these are uncoached teams with access to a list we don't!

Here's my suggestion to Pete:-

Alan Milnes said:
I think we should have FAs during the season but they should be limited players, perhaps no more than 2* with recruiting restricted to the off season and allowed at values greater than 3 nominal. i.e. during the season you can sign decent players who have transferred or at a JuCo but the real stars have to be recruited.

Alan Milnes

Staff member
Peter Calcraft said:
Gameplan and Run Chase are done and sent. NFLCA and NFLCB are done and sent as well, but the college league will be delayed while I look into some issues with last turn (and which have only just been raised).