Gold Bowl Spoiler

A big congrats to Greg's Longhorn's on their thumping Gold Bowl victory. They were the best side in my books for the season, their suffocating defence was sublime. Tough day at the office for Tom's Ducks, but they had a fantastic season none the less.

How is everyone's recruiting going?


Indeed, big congrats to the Gold Bowl winner, from the Silver Bowl winner! My roster had a good number of quality juniors and I've lost only a few seniors so I am fully expecting my boys to upgrade to a Gold Bowl next season in their senior years!

Saying that I have lost a senior QB...

For my recruiting I've purposely tried to create guys that have particular 'extra' strengths rather than base ones, will be interesting to see how that pans out!
Congratulations Greg!

Your team was the only one to stop me scoring during the season, so well deserved indeed.

I agree with Dave, you were the best team and are worthy winners!

The Sun Devils have been searching for a new coach since Week 11, not a bad team if anyone is interested...

thanks guys,has actually taken most of the season to get my head around how to play this team in the wishbone,and a real challenge,I really wasnt expecting to win it,and was genuinely surprised,with the bowl score the biggest surprise of all,will be looking forward to another tough season next season