NFLBQ Roll Call


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I coached in the BQ about 15 years ago (maybe longer). Coached the Bengals against George Duguid's Browns and Steve Allans Oilers and there are still some familiar names I remember from those days. I quit the BQ in dramatic fashion after going 16-0 in regular season and then losing in the playoffs (Think it was Tim McCann's Chiefs although memory is a bit fuzzy). To be honest I spit my dummy out but you live and learn. I should've carried on because it was such a competetive league with some excellent coaches plus the extra point newsletter. I quit gameplan all together a while back but returned after a 5 year abscence. I now coach the BD Rams and the BS Giants and who knows a return to the BQ maybe in the pipeline but probably only with the Bengals.

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Mark Corlett
Shame on us !

A roll call of BQ coaches, and only Mark replies (as an ex-coach).

I`ve been back in BQ for five seasons at the Chiefs, - was Oilers coach back in the early 90`s. Some good coaches have come and gone, Mark Corlett, Lyndon Bell, Tim McCann to name a few.
The league now has a smattering of quality teams, and some pretty rudderless ones.

Dave Houghton is a powerhouse in the NFC at Tampa, and is now reiging champ, Paul Bassett builds excellent offences down in St.Louis and is his main rival. The Bengals may go 16-0 this year in the AFC Central, and will fight it out with the Chiefs, Bills, Dolphins and possible Ravens for the AFC conference.

New coaches will freshen up things a lot, and shake the natural order of things, so we welcome new faces.

Hopefully the forum will come alive a bit with Andrew prompting us all !!!

Hi BQers.

Just to let you know i could well be joining you guys when the current Bd season finishes as its my last season there :( and will be looking for a new challenge.

So if the Giants are free watch this space

All the best Paul J :hello: