Post Season

Been a fabulous debut season in College Nu Gameplan. There has been little separating the field in one of the tightest college seasons I have played in, with no absolute dominant team.

After an exciting conclusion to the regular season, the Final 4 has come down to a battle of Oz.

In the Western corner we have the ferocious defence of Coach Salmon's Longhorns, and the offensive juggernaut from the desert, MTP's Sun Devils. In the Southern corner is Team Flesfader. The streaky Yellow Jackets of Senior Flesfader and his young protege Tom at Oregon. All the best for the Final 4 and all of the Bowl games to all coaches. :football:

Alan Milnes

Staff member
Sorry I missed this post, yes been an excellent Season overall though not so much on North Carolina!!

Thoroughly enjoying the College variant.