The Big Six

Belated congrats to Andrew for a Superbowl win against Davids Buccs who were chasing the threepeat.

Seems the BQ is polarising into a small group of potential champions, and as the new season beckons, here`s my run-down on the runners and riders: -

The new champion Colts had a great playoff run last year, playing superb defence, and if that unit is even 80% of last year, it gives them a chance to repeat. The East will offer no resistance, so they will have a good shot of HFA in the post-season.

The Bengals have reached one Superbowl and went 16-0 just the year before last, and they do it with firepower on offence. Coach Wright has installed a very effective system, and it has come up just a little short in the post-season recently, but the potential to win it all is clearly there.

Kansas have been to four Superbowls in the last six years, but recently have lacked the dominating defence of the earlier wins. The West should be winnable again, but to gain HFA and make the step beyond the Colts and Bengals will take a better defensive show.

Dallas have been the bridesmaids for the last few years, but if anybody can dent the monopoly of the Rams and especially the Buccs, then perhaps its the Cowpokes. Playoff runs have seen disappointment at narrow losses to the best of the NFC, but perhaps this is the year to push to the next level ?

Tampa have reached the BQ Superbowl three straight years and in five of the last six, putting behind them back-to-back losses to return with a double themselves before the Colts shattered the dream of the threepeat. Coach Houghton stacks up the wins every year, and does a great job of rebuilding his team from a low draft position, they`ll reach the Championship Game this year for sure.

The Rams have been something of an enigma, capable of a powerful offensive output, but not dominating the West as they should. A superb Superbowl win four years back has been followed by division titles and playoff runs, but they havent seriously threatened the Buccs dominance as I suspected they would. On the day tho, they are very capable of giving the Buccs a fright, and therefore are in the mix.

Would love to hear from coaches that I left out, - if only to provoke a response !!!! (Are there any coaches to provoke ?)