UNLV coach resigns


After two relatively successful seasons, Coach Jackson is hanging up the college coaching clipboard in NCLA. He leaves a roster with an up and coming sophomore QB, solid blockers to protect him and some blue chippers on defence, along with loads of LPs. Anyone wanting a different sort of GP challenge would do well to try the college game, it's definitely a different flavour to the pro game. I'm leaving for no other reason than I want to put as much time as I can into my NFLCA Browns: it's time to work out how to win in the post-season!
Sorry to see you leave Jacko, it was a fun few seasons matching up with you. Here's hoping some time away might rekindle your interest.

Was talking to Greg the other day, we are both thoroughly enjoying the league. In my humble opinion, I think the college format works better than the pros in Nu Gameplan. Would be great to have some fresh blood. All the best guys.


Dan Slavin said:
Does the passing game work in NuGP college?
Some numbers for ya (team averages)...

NFLCA 2014, weeks 1 to 12 - AFC: 15.5 completions from 29.2 attempts (53%) for 160 yds (5.5 per attempt, 10.3 per completion)
NFLCA 2014, weeks 1 to 12 - NFC: 12.9 completions from 25.2 attempts (51%) for 150 yds (6.0 per attempt, 11.6 per completion)
NCLA 2012, reg season (11 gms) - 15.5 completions from 27.3 attempts (57%) for 204 yds (7.5 per attempt, 13.1 per completion)

Go on Dan, take over my old UNLV team and make them into the powerhouse that I failed to!