Week 12 Results


NFLBQ Week 12

St Louis Rams (Paul Bassett) 14 14 0 10 (38) Indianapolis Colts (Andrew Edwards) QB 14 3 0 3 (20)
The Colts slump to their tenth loss of the season with the three pronged attack of Jackson, Faulk and Davis proving to be too strong for the AFC’s worst team.

Buffalo Bills (Dave Pinder) S 0 3 0 7 (10) Atlanta Falcons (Gordon Kerr) 0 7 9 7 (23)
Atlanta gets a big win at home. What looked like a close matchup, turned in to a battle of effectiveness. Justin Griffith, Warrick Dunn and Jerious Norwood were on form as ground game was able to put the ball in the endzone and the Bills were not as dominate.

San Francisco 49ers (Richard Nicholls) S 0 3 0 16 (19) Miami Dolphins (Jason Green) 3 5 7 7 (22)
The Dolphins edged the 49ers in a tough East vs West battle. The Dolphins were ahead going in to the fourth quarter and even two, two point conversions couldn’t close the gap.

New York Jets (Jay Dardes) QB 0 0 0 8 (8) Carolina Panthers (Nick Dean) 0 10 7 7 (24)
The Panthers pass defense came up trumps with a three interception day and the offense did their part by controlling the ball. The Jets didn’t get going until the fourth quarter but by that time it was too late.

New York Giants (Scott O’Hara) SS 3 3 0 9 (15) Cincinnati Bengals S 7 9 7 9 (32)
The Bengals D had a great game, holding the Giants to 67yds on 27carries. Jon Kitna and the Bengal passing game was consistent, scoring in each of the four quarters.

Baltimore Ravens (George Duguid) 3 0 0 0 (3) Dallas Cowboys (Iain George) 7 3 3 3 (16)
What can you say about this game? The Dallas Cowboy kicker Billy Cundiff had a great game as did Dallas Fullback Cason.

Philadelphia Eagles (Stuart Dowson) 0 10 0 10 (20) Pittsburgh Steelers (Ian Randall) QB 0 0 0 7 (7)
Defense was the story of the day in Pittsburgh. Roethlisberger had a terrible game and finally got benched. The Eagles had the number the whole game.

Tennessee Titans (Craig Lindsay) 0 7 0 0 (7) Washington Redskins (David Powell) 0 0 3 3 (6)
Oh, man. The Redskins had more offense but Titan’s QB Vince Young got the touchdown when they needed it.

Tampa Bay Buccs (David Houghton) S 10 7 0 14 (31) Kansas City Chiefs (Steve Allan) 0 9 6 0 (15)
The Bucc offense was amazing with 465 yards in this game. The Chiefs are no slouches but who can touch the 10-2 Buccs on this form?!!

Oakland Raiders (Mark Greenshields) 7 3 3 7 (20) Minnesota Vikings (Paul Rush) QB 0 0 0 0 (0)
It was a battle of the pass rushes with 26 hurries and 11 sacks in this game. The story of this game was told by the quarterbacks. Raider’s QB Andrew Walter did a better job of evading the pass rush than his opposite number, Jackson.

Green Bay Packers (Ken Hatton) 0 6 2 0 (8) Seattle Seahawks (Dave Biggs) S 0 3 3 0 (6)
There was another defensive game in Seattle. The Seahawks rushed for minus two yard and there were no touchdowns in this game. A Packer’s safety was the difference in this game.

San Diego Chargers (Lyndon Bell) 0 10 0 0 (10) Chicago Bears (Andrew Whittaker) 7 10 0 0 (17)
With the best aerial display of the week, 338yds, Chris Chandler eased the Bears to victory past a lackluster Chargers team.

Week12, at a glimpse.

In my start up week this is my first glimpse of this league. The status quo seems to be set, with the previous AFC Conference Champions and the NFC Champions tearing up their respective divisions. The AFC and NFC East are the closest. The AFC East is becoming a two horse race between the Dolphins and the Bills but the NFC still have three teams that could win the division.

Offence of the Week- Tampa Bay Buccs
Defence of the Week- Carolina Panthers
Coach Of the Week- David Houghton

Unbeaten Watch
Cincinnati Bengals 12 – 0

Playoff Spotlight

If the season ended now who would be in!
AFC East Champion -Miami Dolphins
AFC Central Champion - Cincinnati Bengals
AFC West Champion – Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Wild Cards – Buffalo Bills / Baltimore Ravens
On the Edge – Tennessee Titans / Oakland Raiders

NFC East Champion – New York Giants
NFC Central Champion – Tampa Bay Buccs
NFC West Champion – St Louis Rams
NFC Wild Cards – Dallas Cowboys / Atlanta Falcons
On the Edge – Philadelphia Eagles / Minnesota Vikings

Game/s to look forward to…. Week 13
Giants vs Falcons
Cowboys vs Rams

I can’t wait as the top of the NFC East plays the 2nd in the NFC West and visa versa. The possible outcomes and there relationship to the playoff race makes the mind boggle!!
fantastic review Andrew, great read even for us guys outside the league. :clap:

good to see Dave Houghton doing so well with the Buccs, he has done a fantastic job with turning the BN Rams fortunes around in a short time. He has developed a fine reputation for running dynamic offences, Tampa look no different.

Looks like a huge week 13 coming up indeed, could give the playoff race a real shakeup!