Week 13 Results


NFLBQ League Report Week 13 of 16 5/3/08

Indianapolis Colts (Andrew Edwards) QB 7 2 0 0 (9) Oakland Raiders (Mark Greenshields) S 14 7 14 0 (35)
The Colts benched Payton Manning for the second time in two weeks and big plays were the order of the day as Andrew Walter to Randy Moss led the Raiders to a one sided victory in Indianapolis.

Buffalo Bills (Dave Pinder) 7 7 0 0 (14) Kansas City Chiefs (Steve Allan) 7 21 0 7 (35)
Allan’s Chiefs put on another offensive masterclass. Trent Green was simply amazing, passing for 358yds and 4 touchdowns. The Bills offense did a good job of keepie uppie but simply couldn’t keep up with the powerful Chiefs.

Miami Dolphins (Jason Green) 14 0 0 0 (14) Baltimore Ravens (George Duguid) 7 6 7 0 (20)
All of the Dolphins points came in the first quarter and their 143yds of total offense speaks volumes about this matchup. Ravens were very efficient, both on the ground and through the air with 424 yards of offense.

New York Jets (Jay Dardes) 10 0 0 0 (10) Cincinnati Bengals (Carl Wright) 3 20 7 0 (30)
Another one bites the dust as the Bengals edge closer to an undefeated season. The Bengals moved the ball at will and the Jets had no answer after the first quarter. Next stop Pittsburgh!!

Tennessee Titans (Craig Lindsay) 0 7 0 0 (7) Seattle Seahawks (Dave Biggs) 0 0 0 0 (0)
One TD in the whole game and most of the fans had left the stadium after the third quarter. At least the punters got a good workout with 19 total punts in this game.

Pittsburgh Steelers (Ian Randall) 0 0 3 7 (10) San Diego Chargers (Lyndon Bell) 7 6 3 3 (19)
This was a contest of styles as turtles faced hares or the Steelers aerial game verses the Chargers ground game. On paper the Steelers were more explosive with 312yds passing compares with 98yds on the ground for the Chargers. San Diego consistently got the ball in to field goal range where as the Steelers could convert the yards in to points.

New York Giants (Scott O'Hara) SSS 7 0 0 0 (7) Atlanta Falcons (Gordon Kerr) 7 3 2 0 (12)
Eli Manning completed a bad week for the Manning family with a 8/31-196yard day. Added to the 27yards on the ground displayed how pitiful the Giants offense were in a pressure game. More worrying was the inability of the Falcons to turn yards in to points.

Dallas Cowboys (Iain George) 7 14 0 13 (34) St Louis Rams (Paul Bassett) 7 3 8 0 (18)
With the Giants loss, the Cowboys had the chance to close the gap on the Giants and aid the Falcons at the same time. Dallas responded with 541yards of offense and a demolition of the NFC West leaders.

Philadelphia Eagles (Stuart Dowson) 3 7 0 0 (10) Minnesota Vikings (Paul Rush) 7 10 3 0 (20)
The Vikings bounced back from their week 12 loss with an expected win against the middle of the road Eagles. Offensively, Philadelphia had the upper hand but a 79yard TD pass and a TD from the defense won the game for the Vikings.

Washington Redskins (David Powell) 7 0 0 14 (21) Tampa Bay Buccs (David Houghton) 21 7 17 0 (45)
The bottom team in the NFC East verses the top team in the NFC Central pulled up no surprises. Week 12 Coach of the Week Houghton keeps the juggernaut rolling. Veteran QB Brad Johnson looks unstoppable and is odds on favorite for League MVP.

Chicago Bears (Andrew Whittaker) 7 0 0 7 (14) San Francisco 49ers (Richard Nicholls) 0 10 10 7 (27)
The Bears started with an early touchdown but the 49ers scored in the each of the three remaining quarters. San Francisco’s strong defense and consistent offense powered then to victory. MLB Derek Smith stuffed the run, holding the Bears to 49yards on the ground and Strong Safety Tony Parrish helped cause consistent pressure on Chris Chandler.

Green Bay Packers (Ken Hatton) 0 10 0 3 (13) Carolina Panthers (Nick Dean) QB 3 3 0 3 (9)
Green Bay’s defense kept the Panthers out of the endzone whilst their offense did just enough to win the game. Strong Safety Tyrone Culver led the Packers staunch defensive pass rush that had three sacks and seven hurries on the day.

Week13, at a glimpse.
With the Giants, Rams and the Dolphins looking below division leading form the NFC looks like it will be decided in a playoff battle between the Cowboys and the Buccs. The Buccs are just too potent for the other teams in the NFC and the Cowboys were the only team to come out of the week twelve big matchups looking like playoff material. The AFC’s two powerhouses are still Kansas City and Cincinnati and I ,personally, am licking my lips at the prospect of the playoff game between these two.

Offence of the Week- Dallas Cowboys
Defence of the Week- Baltimore Ravens
Coach Of the Week- David Houghton

Unbeaten Watch
Cincinnati Bengals 13 – 0

Playoff Spotlight

If the season ended now who would be in!
AFC East Champion -Miami Dolphins
AFC Central Champion - Cincinnati Bengals
AFC West Champion – Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Wild Cards – Baltimore Ravens / Tennessee Titans
On the Edge – Oakland Raiders / Buffalo Bills

NFC East Champion – New York Giants
NFC Central Champion – Tampa Bay Buccs
NFC West Champion – St Louis Rams
NFC Wild Cards – Dallas Cowboys / Atlanta Falcons
On the Edge – Minnesota Vikings / Philadelphia Eagles / Green Bay Packers

Week 14 Predictions
Colts (14) at Dolphins (21) / Ravens (21) at Titans (10)
Giants(21) at Eagles (13) / Vikings (28) at Bears (24)
Bills (24) at Jets (17) / Chiefs (35) at Seahawks (7)
Cowboys (31) at Redskins (14) / Rams (17) at 49ers (14)
Bengals (35) at Steelers (17) / Raiders (21) at Chargers (3)
Buccs (35) at Packers (16) / Falcons (24) at Panthers (3)

Game/s to look forward to…. Week 14
Baltimore Ravens vs Tennessee Titans
With the Bengals going 13-0 and wrapping the AFC Central title up the remaining teams only have the playoff spots to battle for. Both the Ravens and the Titans are in playoff positions but one of them has to lose and with the teams behind them in relatively easy matchups the loser of this game could find themselves falling out of playoff position and maybe out of the playoff picture all together.