Week 14 Results


NFLBQ League Report Week 14 of 16 19/3/08

Indianapolis Colts (Andrew Edwards) 0 0 0 0 (0) Miami Dolphins (Jason Green) 3 7 7 0 (17)
Ronnie Brown’s performance was the story of this game. He simply ran over the hapless Colts with 40carries for 185yds.

Buffalo Bills (Dave Pinder) 14 3 0 3 (20) New York Jets (Jay Dardes) 7 3 0 7 (17)
The Bills pulled out a squeaker over division rivals, the Jets and keep pressure on the Dolphins.

Cincinnati Bengals (Carl Wright) 0 12 14 0 (26) Pittsburgh Steelers (Ian Randall) S 3 7 0 0 (10)
The Bengals machine keeps rolling towards 16-0.

Baltimore Ravens (George Duguid) 0 6 7 0 (13) Tennessee Titans (Craig Lindsay) 0 0 7 14 (21)
The Ravens get the yards but the Titans grab the W and are in pole position for a playoff spot.

Kansas City Chiefs (Steve Allan) 3 7 10 0 (20) Seattle Seahawks (Dave Biggs) 0 3 0 0 (3)
Coach Allen does it again.

Oakland Raiders (Mark Greenshields) 7 0 0 7 (14) San Diego Chargers (Lyndon Bell) QB 0 0 0 0 (0)
Three straight wins keeps the Raiders in the playoff picture.

New York Giants (Scott O'Hara) 7 3 0 17 (27) Philadelphia Eagles (Stuart Dowson) S 0 14 7 0 (21)
The Giants bounce back.

Dallas Cowboys (Iain George) 7 14 2 2 (25) Washington Redskins (David Powell) SS 7 3 0 7 (17)
The Cowboys are the on form NFC East team and are chasing down the Giants.

Tampa Bay Buccs (David Houghton) S 14 7 3 14 (38) Green Bay Packers (Ken Hatton) QB 2 3 0 7 (12)
What can you say about Coach Houghton? The Bucc do it on the ground this time.

Minnesota Vikings (Paul Rush) 10 2 0 3 (15) Chicago Bears (Andrew Whittaker) UP S 0 0 0 7 (7)
A first quarter flurry is the story of this matchup.

St Louis Rams (Paul Bassett) 14 0 0 2 (16) San Francisco 49ers (Richard Nicholls) S 7 6 0 7 (20)
Bombs away in this battle for aerial supremacy. The 49ers edge it.

Atlanta Falcons (Gordon Kerr) 3 3 0 0 (6) Carolina Panthers (Nick Dean) 0 7 14 3 (24)
Carolina’s defense came good holding the Falcons to 144 total yards.

Week14, at a glimpse.
The Battle for the NFC East title is heating up with only two games left to play. Coach Wright has a tough opponent on the Bengals way to an undefeated season in the form of the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins have a one game lead in the AFC East and with Buffalo in a toss a coin contest with the Raiders, they really have to win. With the NFC Central, AFC Central and the AFC West wrapped up the only other division title up for grabs is the NFC West. This leads us full circle as the Rams face the Giants and the Falcons tee off against the Cowboys.

Offence of the Week- Cincinnati Bengals
Defence of the Week- Carolina Panthers
Coach Of the Week- David Houghton

Unbeaten Watch
Cincinnati Bengals 14 – 0

Playoff Spotlight
If the season ended now who would be in!
AFC East Champion -Miami Dolphins
AFC Central Champion - Cincinnati Bengals
AFC West Champion – Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Wild Cards –Tennessee Titans
On the Edge – Oakland Raiders / Buffalo Bills/ Baltimore Ravens

NFC East Champion – New York Giants
NFC Central Champion – Tampa Bay Buccs
NFC West Champion – St Louis Rams
NFC Wild Cards – Dallas Cowboys / Atlanta Falcons
On the Edge – Minnesota Vikings
On the Rim - Philadelphia Eagles / Green Bay Packers / San Francisco 49ers / Carolina Panthers

Game/s to look forward to…. Week 15
WOW!!! Has the fixture list thrown up some mouthwatering games. After the week 14 result a number of NFC teams have found themselves with a mathematical shot at a playoff place.

Raiders vs Bills
This is a must win game for either team. The Bill the still win the AFC East and the Raiders must win to stay in the playoff race with the other playoff teams, the Ravens and the Titans with relatively easier matchup against the Jets and the Chargers respectively.

Falcons vs Cowboys
Both teams have division rivals on their heals, in the Eagles and the 49ers. The Cowboys are tied with the Giants for the division title and the Falcons are two games back. The Cowboys are the team on form but the Falcon know if they lose they could be out of the playoffs.

Rams vs Giants
This is a clash of division leaders. The pressure is on the Giants but they have rediscovered their winning ways where as the Rams are on a two game losing streak.

Note to all
I apologise for the late posting of the week 14 newsletter. I have nerve damage in my left hand and cracked ribs with put me out of action for a while.
Great run-down Andrew......

I agree, some great match-ups still to come and so many teams still with a shot at the post-season !

Here`s my two-pennies-worth for the AFC season run-in.....

Miami will struggle to end the Bengals unbeaten run in wk15, and with a negative points total, leaves them vulnerable. I take the Bills to win at home against the Raiders, leaving both on 8-7. Miami have a winnable game vs Jets in the finale, meaing Coach Edwards has a HUGE say in the division outcome as he hosts the Bills. A Bills win will likely give them the East on points difference, a loss could still see them in the wild-card at 8-8 if other results go their way.

Bengals will go the whole hog for a fabulous 16-0 season, - the road to Superbowl goes through Cincinnati.......
Titans look very well placed for hosting the wild-card - its in their hands with two winnable games, and a 4-game win streak says they are in the mood.

Chiefs have done the dirty work to earn the West crown, but have a say in post-season opponents, as I get to play Oakland in wk 16. Mark can be a dangerous opponent, so have an interest in ending his ambitions before the playoffs !!
A win for the Raiders in this weeks clash in Buffalo gives them every chance at a wild-card slot, points difference will be important, but if the silver`n`black can upset Kansas in the final game, they will guarantee their position.

Looking forward to it........