Week 16 Results


NFLBQ League Report Week 16 of 16 16/4/08

Buffalo Bills (Dave Pinder) QB 0 7 0 0 (7) Indianapolis Colts (Andrew Edwards) 6 14 7 14 (41)
New York Jets (Jay Dardes) 7 7 2 3 (19) Miami Dolphins (Jason Green) S 7 0 7 0 (14)
Baltimore Ravens (George Duguid) 7 0 0 0 (7) Cincinnati Bengals (Carl Wright) 3 7 0 17 (27)
Tennessee Titans (Craig Lindsay) 10 0 0 0 (10) Pittsburgh Steelers (Ian Randall) 0 0 10 17 (27)
San Diego Chargers (Lyndon Bell) 7 14 0 0 (21) Seattle Seahawks (Dave Biggs) 7 7 0 0 (14)
Oakland Raiders (Mark Greenshields) QB 0 3 0 0 (3) Kansas City Chiefs (Steve Allan) 7 0 3 10 (20)
Dallas Cowboys (Iain George) 2 9 10 3 (24) New York Giants (Scott O'Hara) SS 3 10 3 9 (25)
Washington Redskins (David Powell) 0 0 0 3 (3) Philadelphia Eagles (Stuart Dowson) 20 14 3 0 (37)
Minnesota Vikings (Paul Rush) 3 7 0 3 (13) Tampa Bay Buccs (David Houghton) 7 0 3 14 (24)
Chicago Bears (Andrew Whittaker) 7 0 3 7 (17) Green Bay Packers (Ken Hatton) 7 7 3 7 (24)
Carolina Panthers (Nick Dean) 7 7 0 0 (14) San Francisco 49ers (Richard Nicholls) 0 7 0 0 (7)
Atlanta Falcons (Gordon Kerr) 0 3 0 3 (6) St Louis Rams (Paul Bassett) 14 7 0 0 (21)

Week16, at a glimpse.
WOW!! What a week. This was the final game of the regular season and a lot of teams playoff lives were on the line as well as a tightly contested division championship.

The Colts leave it to the last game of the season to put on their performance of the season with 41 points, 5 sacks and 3 interceptions in a crucial end of season game. The Bills now needed help from the Jets to win the AFC East. The Dolphins, knowing they had to win, responded with big plays through the air. Too bad these were the only passing plays they made. The Jets won with a workman like performance and handed the Bills the AFC East title.

Cincinnati were going for an undefeated season and the Ravens were the only thing in their way. The Bengals duly brushed Baltimore out of the way with a fourth quarter that showed their class.

With the Cincinnati win the Titans knew they were in the final playoff place no matter what. Tennessee took the opportunity to rest most of their players and it showed. Let’s hope they haven’t lost momentum going in to the pre-show.

Coach Allen returned to winning ways against the Raiders. His Chiefs couldn’t be denied in a game that was more important for the Raiders. The Raiders couldn’t do it when it mattered most and this will be with Coach Greenshields for some time to come.

This was the match of the week as the Cowboys faced off against the Giants in a top of the table clash. There was almost 700yds combined through the air as both teams aired it out. The Cowboys just couldn’t find a way to turn their 489 total yardage in to a points advantage. The Giant’s won the battle but the Cowboy’s won the war as they finished as NFC East division champions.

In the other games, the Chargers pulled out a win to place the Seahawks firmly in to the first pick slot of the draft. The Bucc finish strongly and are looking like the NFC’s favorite for the Superbowl. The Eagles D harked back to the ‘46 ‘days with the display of the week against the Redskins. The Packers edged the Bears in an interception laden day. The Panthers win but miss out on the playoffs. The Rams finish strong against the Falcons.

Offence of the Week- Dallas Cowboys
Defence of the Week- Philadelphia Eagles
Coach of the Week- Carl Wright

Unbeaten Watch
Cincinnati Bengals 16 – 0 WOO!!! They did it! Congratulations Bengals.

Playoff Spotlight

AFC East Champion –Buffalo Bills
AFC Central Champion - Cincinnati Bengals
AFC West Champion – Kansas City Chiefs
AFC Wild Cards –Tennessee Titans / Miami Dolphins

NFC East Champion – Dallas Cowboys
NFC Central Champion – Tampa Bay Buccs
NFC West Champion – St Louis Rams
NFC Wild Cards – New York Giants / Minnesota Vikings

Game/s to look forward to…. Week 17

Dolphins vs Titans
Both these teams are coming off tough losses. One of them has to right the ship and return to winning ways.

Vikings vs Giants
The Giants must be kicking themselves. They were in pole position and blew it with some dodgy performances. Yet that came alive just in time with a one point win. The Vikings didn’t recover and are riding a two game losing streak in to the playoffs. They must bounch back or this could get ugly.
Great rundown again Andrew, thanks.

A little disappointing for Miami, Buffalo and Tennessee to back into the post-season on defeats, but at this stage, I guess it doesnt matter. All that matters is getting to the playoffs, regrouping and making a run at it. Plenty of teams have reached Superbowls (and won) from a wild-card berth, so the records can be wiped clean and its game on. Titans / Dolphins game is a close call, I`ll take the Titans to squeak it at home, and earn the trip to Kansas, leaving Buffalo the thankless task of travelling to Cincinnati. Congrats to Carl for going 16-0, no easy feat in any league, I`m sure he`ll be desperate to reach the Bowl and avenge last seasons defeat. Anything less will surely feel like a failure after sweeping all before him so far.

There`s a fair chance he`ll be facing the Buccs again, although the Rams lurk ominously in the way, most likely meeting in the NFC title game. The shootout between the Giants and Cowboys was amazing, the points difference separating them atop the East showing the fine line between division titles and wild-card berths. After the Vikings reversed into the post-season on a two-game skid, the Giants must be favourites to reach the DPO`s, and although underdogs against the Buccs and Rams, any lack of concentration could see Dallas or New York reach the NFC championship game.